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Kaity is a Life Insurance and Last Will and Testament specialist prioritizing and empowering South African women. Many women continue to get ripped off by the insurance industry. Kaity is here to step in and make you - and your family - the priority again.

Who is Kaity?

Kaity is your local South African Life Insurance and Wills expert. Protect your Family today!

We know your to-do list is already long, and dying is obviously not on it. But a Last Will should be. Here's what can happen without one:

Note: Number 3 may rattle you a bit! 

You won't get to decide who inherits what. Your estate will get distributed according to South African law, not your wishes. 

What will happen if you don't have a Will?

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"Not having a Will always bothered me. I thought the process would be complicated - it really is not"

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Nearly 75% of South Africans women pass away without a valid or up-to-date Will in place!

Your partner may be left with nothing, if your Will isn't updated from your previous marriage, or if you aren't currently married to your partner.

Instead of your children receiving their inheritance, it could pass directly to the Government Guardian's Fund.

Ugly fights over your estate can break out between relatives and split your family.

Your estate could take years to wind up without a Will-nominated professional executor. The Government will be in control of the entire process.

Hi, KAITY Here! I Help South African Women

Did You Know: 

Your Will is not valid if you have not signed it correctly and had it witnessed by two independent parties. An invalid Will is as bad as having no Will at all!

Did You Know: 

A witness to your Will cannot be a Beneficiary of your Will. This means that if your Spouse has witnessed your Will then it may be rejected by the courts as invalid.

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Did You Know: 

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South African Women are Getting Ripped Off by Sky-high Premiums

South African women are conditioned to take the 1st available insurance policy. But with so many insurance options, there are some companies that don't have your best interests at heart. Don't let them take advantage.

Kaity is here to find you an insurance policy that meets your specific needs, budget and family. We prioritize YOU.

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When it comes to taking care of your kids and loved ones after you're gone, we are in your corner. Thousands of South African women have drastically reduced their monthly insurance premiums after speaking to our life insurance experts.

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They can give you real advice on options that can actually serve you. Kaity puts you in contact with the right help, so that you can spend your precious energy with your loved ones.

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Hi, KAITY Here!

I Help South African Women Get Their WILLS Drafted For Free & LIFE INSURANCE Cover For Up To 47% Less

Basically,  a Will puts the POWER back in your hands.