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Kaity is a Women's Life Insurance expert to empower South African women to make the right insurance decision for their situation. Let's make you you - and your family - the priority again.

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South African women pay way too much for life insurance. It's time to put the power back in your hands. Save up to 47% with Kaity, the life insurance expert for women. 

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Anyone who wants to financially protect their family from their funeral and final expenses. It also protects your family from huge financial losses like bond, school payments and secures their future.

Yes. You can do this at anytime. However the premium payer may not be the beneficiary. It's the responsibility of the policyholder to make sure the beneficiary is current.

Yes, absolutely. You are probably paying way too much at the moment. We've had some clients reduce their monthly premiums by over 47% while getting better cover than they had before!

All our life insurance solutions are personalized specially for you. They rely on many separate factors including your age, your marriage status and your profession.

To find out which insurance option is right for you, get in touch and speak to one of our expert advisors. Simply explain your situation to them. They are qualified to match you with the cover that is right for you. 

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Kaity Gets It 

Kaity does it all, catering for every estate scenario. We match your life cover with your specific family needs. Giving you the comfort of knowing your family won't have financial worries added to their emotional pain of losing you.

KAITY Gets Women The Life Insurance Deal They Deserve


Your family's Angel after you're gone

Taking out life insurance means your family is taken care of after you're no longer around to do so. Get peace of mind knowing your outstanding debts will be settled. Take comfort in knowing there's no danger of your loved ones losing their home.

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Your  Energy is Precious so Our Process is Simple

Just input your details and our experts will serve you the best options within 24 hours. The path is stress-free and designed with you in mind.

A Life Plan Specifically for South African Women

Women hold everything together. Kaity is here for women like you because you are the backbone of society. We get you the insurance deal you deserve. So that if anything happens to you, your loved-ones will be ok.

From One Woman To Another

No-one knows your family as well as you do. Your Life Insurance plan should be customised to serve your needs, your family and your budget. Kaity offers advice with a personal touch. Get the best life insurance deal at huge savings for women.

Why Are Women Getting Ripped Off by Sky-high Premiums?

South African women are conditioned to take the 1st available insurance policy. But with so many insurance options, there are some companies that don't have your best interests at heart. Don't let them take advantage.

Kaity will find the Best Cover for You

When it comes to taking care of your kids and loved-ones after you're gone, we are in your corner. Many powerful South African women, just like you, have drastically reduced their monthly insurance premiums after speaking to our life insurance experts.

Here's the Thing about Our Experts...

Our experts are here to empower you in your decision-making. This means they are not here to can give you real advice on options that can actually serve you. Kaity puts you in contact with the right help, so that you can spend your precious energy with your loved ones.

We see you. We will listen. We help.

Kaity will get you better cover and a lower premium. We take an empathetic approach towards women. We also understand that in some instances, consumers are unaware of what they are getting themselves into. Women end up spending way more than they actually should. We will listen to your specific needs and provide you with solutions that serve you. 

Here's Why Kaity is Different 

Kaity is here for the modern women. Completely digital, with no expensive overheads. This allows us to offer lower premiums without affecting the quality of your coverage. 

Kaity is here for:

The powerful woman,

The modern woman,

The South African woman.

We see you.

Are You  a Woman Living in South Africa? Then Kaity can help you today!

Kaity's life insurance experts are all over South Africa and are dedicated to helping women find their peace of mind at the right price. Join thousands of women eligible to dramatically reduce their monthly life insurance premiums today.

Sindy, Port Elizabeth

"Kaity, I still cant believe that you managed to get my premiums down by 47% from what I was paying - unbelievable!!!"

Letitia, Pretoria

Portia, Cape Town

"With such a wide variety of Life Insurance products & companies, you have by far offered me the best premiums & service."

"I was truly gobsmacked that I got R3 million Life Cover for almost half of what I had been paying before - thank you Kaity!"